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Easter bonnets come out to celebrate at Tompkins Square Park

AMNY, 4.7.2021


Activists demand addition of Equal Rights Amendment to Constitution in gathering at Washington Square Park

AMNY, 3.10.2021

New Yorkers rally across the city in solidarity with the Women’s March in Washington D.C.
AMNY, 10.21.2020

Long-Term Survivors Star in a Handwashing PSA
POZ, 3.18.2020

Photos From the Massive Anti-Pride Rally, the Queer Liberation March

Bedford + Bowery, 7.1.2019

I ‘Heard’ the Rainbow

Pressenza, 7.2.2019

'All We've Heard Is Deception': Scenes From The NYC Protest Demanding Full Release Of The Mueller Report

Gothamist, 4.5.19


Protesting the President on President’s Day

Our Times Press, 2.21.19


Rachel Maddow Show



Political Charge



Early Addition: Trump Assures America He's 'Not Trying To Hide Anything, OKAY? (photo)

The Gothamist, 11.29.18

Protesters Denounce Trump’s Seizure of Justice Department

Gay City News, 11.19.2018

Midterms aux États-Unis : les réseaux sociaux en première ligne
interfrance, 11.2.2018



Bear World Magazine, 10.16.2018

Sing Out Louise’s parody of Madonna’s “Vogue” aims to encourage voting

Queer Forty, 10.16.2018

LGBTQ Activists Rock the Vote in Parody of Madonna's 'Vogue' Video

OUT, 10.15.2018


Queer Resistance Group Musical Video “Vote!” Parodies Madonna’s “Vogue.” WATCH!

The Fight, 10.14.2018

Watch: Queer Activists Rock the “Vote” With New “Vogue” Parody Video

New Now Next, 10.14.2018

Let's Make November 6 A Giant VOTING Ball: Madonna Parody Encourages Exercising Your Civic Duty

Boy Culture, 10.12.2018

Kanye West, ‘Vogue’ Vote, Sia, Lambda Legal, Adam Rippon, Jwan Yosef, Richard Branson, Charli XCX: HOT LINKS

Towle Road,  10.12.2018

DAY EIGHTY-THREE ... Sing Out, Louise! at the #KremlinAnnex protest 6PM ET

Daily Kos, 10.6.2018

Kavanaugh sworn to high court after rancorous confirmation (photo)

Hawaii News Now, 10.6.2018

You don't give power to an angry left-wing mob... that's what they have become (photo)

Daily Mail UK, 10.6.2018

Meet the Rainbow of Activists Who Marched at the NYC Pride Parade

W, 6.25.2018

Sing Out Louise at Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Getty Images, 6.16.2018


MSNBC, 10.9.2018

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